Jordan Peterson on How To Get A Raise

Yes, it’s a lobster tie.

Yes, it’s a lobster tie.


Like many others, the message and presence of Jordan Peterson has captivated my attention. After reading his book, 12 Rules For Life, I’ve followed his YouTube lectures and podcast, eager to apply what I can to make my life one of meaning.

Are you interested in raising your salary? (Of course). Do you have an omniscient and benevolent boss? No? Most don’t either. The good news is Dr. Jordan Peterson has some thoughtful points on how to secure a raise in pay. Here are his recommendations for negotiating a raise with your employer, as taken from his October 2018 interview with Dr. Oz. 

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Step 1: Prepare

Before finding time to sit down with your boss there are months of groundwork to be done leading up to the meeting. Peterson poses the following questions 

  1. Are you doing a good job? 

    • Great, keep it up.

  2. Are you documenting it? 

    • Do you have written record of your good work? Both quantitative and qualitative evidence will help you further your case here. An example of a quantitative record is sales data or calculations of increase in performance. Qualitative record would be positive comments from clients, customers, or coworkers. Quantitative data will go further in the discussion and should outweigh that of the qualitative, subjective documentation.

  3. Are you communicating the documentation? 

    • This can be done through email or paperwork updating your boss on the progress of a project or end of quarter sales data.

  4. Is your CV up to date and prepared?

    • Always keeping your curriculum vitae (CV) up to date with the work you’ve done will not only create less work in the preparation of asking for a raise, but keep current in your own mind the notable projects or opportunities you’ve completed that convey the value you bring.

  5. Are you ready to move laterally?

    • Are you open to synonymous job descriptions with another company?

  6. Are you looking for other positions (externally)?

    • Do you frequent job boards, LinkedIn, or maintain conversations with recruiters or HR representatives?

  7. Are you looking for other opportunities within the workplace (internally)?

    • Are there opportunities for expansion or collaboration with other departments of the company? By explaining the need and offering to fill it shows leadership and initiative. 

  8. How often do you talk to your boss about what you’re doing?

    • Do you provide intermitted updates with your boss and inform them as a stakeholder if your position allows for a reasonable amount of autonomy? 

  9. What are your salary goals (be specific)?

    • Do you want a 15% raise? If so, it is necessary to ask specifically for a dollar figure. 

Step 2: Ask and Negotiate

When the time of your meeting with your boss comes your documentation can be presented with your ask. The ask and the process of negotiation are one fluid process that happen all at once, perhaps over the course of multiple conversations. It’s important to note that from the moment you walk into the office, the negotiation is in process. 

JP says the following line, which is a paraphrased version of what to say. 

“Here are 6 reasons you should pay me 15% more and here are 2 not good things that will happen if you don’t”.

In the meeting you are selling your boss on your value in order for him or her to to sell your story to their boss. 

JP speaks to the importance of thinking strategically and being willing to be disagreeable. It’s also worth noting that pursuing other opportunities externally can be an ongoing process and if the conversation doesn’t result in a raise, other opportunities can be pursued. A two-week notice is a sign that you aren’t bluffing and is still part of the the negotiation process. 

I hope these tips were helpful to see written down. Best of luck on getting that raise! 

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